The Marshall Plan

Understanding Goal

Europe lay in ruins, and the United States launched the Marshall Plan which provided massive financial aid to rebuild European economies and prevent the spread of communism.

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"The American Bludgeon in the Solution of Market Problems." While the Shadow Lengthens Map from The Marshall Plan at the Mid-Mark, 1950. "Can He Block It?" Fred uden frygt : sikkerhed gennem samarbejde : Marshall-administrationens udstilling, den Internationale messe forum, Kobenhavn, 2.-11. marts Marshall Announces His Plan "The President Signs the Economic Assistance Act" The Men Responsible "This Generation's Chance for Peace." Dutch View of the Marshall Plan Benefits for the U.S. Economy Thanking America The Marshall Plan and the Future of U.S.-European Relations. Fred uden frygt: Sikkerhed Gennem Samarbejde.

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