Subject/Sub-Subject: PE/Health/Other

Title: Body Systems/Anticipatory Set


A 'zoom-in' was used to introduce students to a lesson on body systems.

Understanding Goal

Learn about Skeletal Systems.

Investigative Question

Grade(s): 7, 1
Audience: General
Required Vocabulary: N/A
Prior Content Knowledge: N/A


Field Tests

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Body Systems/Anticipatory Set

Understanding Goal

Learn about Skeletal Systems.

Required Materials





Step 1 Use the photo as a zoom-in powerpoint.
Step 2 Students should guess what the picture is and use the power point to figure out what the lesson is about.

Best Instructional Practices

Understanding Goal

Learn about Skeletal Systems.

Investigative Question

Analysis of Student Learning

The students were very intrigued by the photos, which lead to thoughtful warm-up responses.

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Content Presented

Student looked at the photo 'zoom in' to get ready to learn.

Reflections and Recommendations

I would have more detailed questioned on the power point.


Authors and Contributors

Misty Stahr
Francis C. Hammond Middle School, Alexandria City Public Schools, Virginia

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