To assist educators in using digital primary sources from the Library of Congress and Best Instructional Practices to deepen student understanding of the school district/state curriculum. Primary source analysis develops students' memory, reason, and imagination to foster empathy for the past, perspectives on the present, and the ability to impact the future.


  1. Promote learning by implementing primary source-based Learning Experiences with students that use research-based Best Instructional Practices: Teaching for Understanding, Differentiated Instruction, Literacy Instruction, and Technology Integration.
    • Challenge and support students with a broad range of skills in achieving state standards and curricular goals.
    • Use performance tasks to demonstrate understanding of the curriculum and to foster relationships between experiences and the Library of Congress collections
    • Promote literacy and technology skills in students.
  2. Deepen participants subject knowledge.

    Support partnerships to provide professional development and outreach programs in specific subject areas. Example: Subject Area Links

  3. Collaborate locally and communicate nationally.

    Facilitate the sharing of curriculum, professional development models, and other resources with educators to further the use of the Library of Congress resources and Best Instructional Practices as well as to strengthen the professional community for educators. Communication will broaden educators' perspectives of interpreting and using the Library of Congress collections. Example: Primary Source-Based Learning Experience Collection.

  4. Build communities of Library of Congress patrons.

    Extend to the entire educational community of students, educators, families, and community members by offering programs for families to learn how to use Library of Congress resources and sharing accomplishments with the local community and beyond through publications and presentations such as newsletters, cable TV, and Web sites. Example: Library of Congress Teacher Treasures.

  5. Provide online primary source-based learning activities and professional development.