Interactives from The Library of Congress

As you look past standardized testing and plan for some engaging year-end activities for students, please consider the Library of Congress Teacher Page options.  At , you will find wonderful and broad-ranging activities to captivate students of all ages.  For example, students can travel with Lewis and Clark, reading diary entries and witnessing drawings of western flora and fauna all tied to their place on the map in Fill Up the Canvas.  The American Memory Timelines provide documents and photographs to bring Post-War U.S. History to life.  From Slavery to Civil Rights provides primary sources linked to a timeline of African American History.


Check out more classroom materials in presentations:

Students can do Word Searches, play History Detective, make Connections Through Poetry or find clues leading to real stories of immigrants in Port of Entry


The fun need not be limited to students.  Check out the current exhibition about the Gibson Girls and enjoy!